Common questions!

What should I call you?Most people call me Spunro, but I’ve had many nicknames. I’ve had people call me things such as spongerow, spoonrow, splunkie, and spun. I don’t really mind what you call me as long as it isn’t blatantly intended to be rude!What are your pronouns?My pronouns are he/him so please respect that and we’ll get along just fine!What time is it for you?I live in Scotland which means my timezone is GMT! Sorry if I don’t respond to you immediately!What kind of art do you make?I make both digital and traditional art! I can only really draw furry characters though!Do you draw NSFW?HUGE NOPE! I am a minor and I refuse to draw anything NSFW/suggestive.How long have you been drawing for?I’ve been doodling things my entire life (It’s actually how my parents found out I was left-handed!) but I only really started taking art a bit more seriously during Summer 2019. I’m really happy with how far I’ve come!Do you do art trades and requests?Unfortunately, nope. I find that they stress me out a bit too much as I’m very prone to artblock. (sometimes I don’t draw for months because of it) If you’d like some art from me, your best bet are raffles that I host on my Twitter page and my bases on DeviantArt!What device/program do you use for your digital artwork?I just use my phone with Ibispaint X! Ibispaint X is free and I’ve used it for all of my digital work.How did you learn to draw?Simple, I taught myself! I have never attended a proper art school or followed art tutorials, I’ve just learned through trial and error!Can you teach me how to draw?Unfortunately, no. I am not an art teacher, but I will be happy to attempt to answer any little questions you have!How can I support you?You can support me by simply sharing my work around! Retweets, likes, replies, etc!

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